Greetings from COHI!


Welcome to Circle of Health International, COHI’s, inaugural blog post! Our goal is to use this platform to share stories of the women and children we meet and serve, to share the news of our programs and collaborations, fundraising events and business partnerships, and updates from the field. We hope to offer guest posts to supporters, donors, partners, and the women we meet in the field. We will use this platform to discuss such related topics as aid, development, politics, legislation, global health, midwifery, war, natural disaster, feminism, motherhood, sexual assault, domestic violence, safety, and community. We are so glad you’ve visited us today, and look forward to sharing our news with you here, as well as hearing from you, our supporters.
The name, Talking Refuge, is inspired by our goal to create here a platform for conversation and dialogue about the refuge that COHI aims to offer mamas and babies in hard places. May this space be a place for all of us to find hope, inspiration, collegiality, and community.

Welcome, and happy reading!

Sera Bonds
Executive Director/COHI

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