Join COHI As We Head to the Middle East


(view of Amman, Jordan, photo courtesy of Ken Miller)

Today I leave Austin, Texas for Amman, Jordan. It will take me 26 hours to get there, I will cross an ocean and two continents. I leave behind me tacos, family, yoga class, and spring in the Texas hill country. The weather I will arrive into in Jordan will actually be almost identical to the weather I am leaving, and the landscape isn’t so different, either. That is where the similarities end. The politics, what I will be seeing and doing each day, how easy it is to get from point A to point B, and my ability to communicate by myself, unassisted, well, these will be my logistical challenges. The biggest challenges will be taking place inside, and those are much more difficult to predict, but are greatly anticipated, and that is a heavy feeling.

This work we do at COHI is one of the greatest honors of my life, and I don’t take my duties lightly at the helm of this small and mighty organization. We hope to leave the Middle East in a week and 1/2 with a clear sense of purpose, partnerships clearly laid out, and a plan for the role that COHI will play in supporting the Syrian refugees and how COHI will continue to support the uplifting partnership of the coexistence work in Palestine and Israel.

We will use this new platform to keep you up to date on this exciting trip to the field, and the world as we see it, and hope to be able to share a story or of two of the women and babies we meet there!

Sera Bonds

Executive Director/COHI


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