Dignity in a Difficult Place


He is standing about ten feet from me, off to the right, between two tents. He is alone, hands in his pockets. He is wearing an argyle sweater, hues of blue and green, freshly pressed dark denim jeans, a brown leather belt. And his shoes, his leather loafers are shining like new. I stare, I do, I admit it. Just for a moment, and his back is to me so he doesn’t see me. How, in this place where there isn’t regular access to water, power, or soap, is he so clean? So well dressed? So dignified?

What does that word mean to you? What do you need on a daily basis to feel dignified in your person, your family, your home, your work? Imagine if in one moment all that you’d worked for was taken away. Your home, your possessions, your rituals and routines, your favorite foods, your kid’s school, your books, your car, your doctor.

I can’t. Even while I stand here, surrounded by these courageous families who each day face that very reality. I can’t imagine it, and truly hope that none of you reading these words ever have to navigate that path.

Circle of Health International is doing what we can to help these families restore their dignity by joining in the efforts in Jordan to support not only the Syrian refugees, but also the Jordanian communities hosting these now 200,000 refugees living both inside of and outside of the camps. They are in great need of everything from clothing to books to jobs to midwives.

Join us today by giving so that we can continue to help these brave, proud people recreate that feeling, that place for themselves and their families; the place where they feel dignified.

COHI’s Jordan-based field team


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