The Things We Carry


Hemoglobin testing kits donated to the Save the Children team in Jordan (photo by Sera Bonds)

COHI was delighted to be able to offer donations of supplies to some of the agencies supporting both the Syrian refugee populations and the Jordanian host communities where many tens of thousands of the refugees are now living. While COHI believes that training, teaching, and modeling are powerful mechanisms through which to support the health care provider community in times of war and disaster, the reality is that often what the displaced population needs most is stuff and what the providers need are supplies: bras, diapers, toothbrushes, rubble gloves for examinations, light sources to keep clinics lit at night, flashlights for women to use to get around the camp at night. All of these items, and others, are what COHI carries when going into the field. For example, COHI’s field team in Jordan distributed hemoglobin testing kits to Save the Children and household items to an extended Syrian family we met who left with little more than the shirts on their backs.

COHI is always taking donations for these trips, so if you have clinical or household items you want to share, please be in touch with us!


The COHI field team distributes household items to Syrian refugees living in Jordan (photo by Meena Lenn)


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