Give a Gift that Really Counts!


Because of a mother, each of us is here. Everyone is someone’s child, each of us have a mother. Mothers reach us manners, giving, forgiveness, and encourage us to share. Mothers protect, provide, and discipline. Mothers carry us, birth us, and (for some of us) raise us up. Mothers set us free, hoping some day that we will return. Mothers dream for us, work for us, and cry for us. Each of us are what we are, who we are, because of our mothers.

This woman will soon be someone’s mother. She is 16 years old and her name is Aliya. She is Syrian and fled her home 8 months ago, arriving in Jordan as a refugee. Aliya is young but her childhood is already over. Aliya and her sister’s family escaped to Jordan and lived together for a few months, “but after a while all I could do is get married,” Aliya siad. After a long pause she whispered, “I registered at the Jordanian Courthouse, but I did not have a real wedding.”

One month after her marriage, Aliya started experiencing sharp back pain. She ignored it before going to a doctor and learning she was pregnant. “I am unhappy here. I miss my family, my friends, and my home. I wish I could have this baby in Syria.” Aliya has only returned to the doctor once to ask for medication to help with terrible morning sickness and she has no plan to return because of the expense.

Aliya is soon to be someone’s mother, and COHI hopes to be there to help her and others like her when she does. Give to COHI in honor of your mother, your sister, your friend who is a mama, or because you are someone’s mother. We will send a beautiful gift card with an image of one of the mothers that COHI has supported, along with a note from you letting the mothers in your life know that you gave in their honor.

Mothers are where peace begins, where health begins, where our world begin. Let’s honor these mothers by providing the care, safety, and support that every mother deserves.
A generous local donor has committed to quadrupling every dollar donation made to COHI. Please list “Susan’s birthday” in your donation note and your gift to COHI will go four times as far! Thank you for continuing to support the mothers who need our help the most.

In honor of mothers,

Sera Bonds



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