Today, We Honor Mothers


How will you celebrate your mother today? Perhaps your family will gather for a meal together. Maybe your mother is far away and a phone call or card will share your greetings. Some of us will stop and remember fond memories of the mothers who are no longer with us. Hopefully, we will all take a moment to honor our mothers and appreciate the gifts they have shared.

While retailers might push us to show our appreciation through flowers and other gifts, we can show mothers our love by honoring all mothers, not just our own. Circle of Health International recognizes that some mothers have a harder time than most. Some deliver their babies in places of conflict, or areas devastated by natural disasters. Others might not have access to the health professionals, hospitals, or medicines that can make their deliveries safer and more comfortable. These are the mothers we want to honor every day, through our work and through your support.

COHI has a unique opportunity to take your support even further. A generous local donor has committed to amplify your contribution by quadrupling upcoming donations. Please list “Susan’s birthday” in the note of your donation and your gift will go four times as far! We are so excited for this opportunity to reach more mothers and babies. COHI supporters have touched so many lives with their willingness to give, and we are so grateful for you. Thank you for making our work possible and for honoring so many mothers with your generosity.

Meena Lenn, MPH
New York, NY

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