COHI Is Oklahoma Bound


Credit: Associated Press

Growing up in north Texas I spent many nights hunkering down in the bathtub under a mattress as severe storms raged overhead. I was one of the lucky ones – my home was never hit by a tornado, despite living in tornado alley. There are many people who today can no longer say they are one of the lucky ones. Their homes have been destroyed, their loved ones hurt, and their lives uprooted. COHI is organizing a response to the disaster in Moore, Oklahoma and the surrounding areas, and we would like to call on all of you, our friends and supporters, to respond to our neighbors with love, compassion and much-needed support in their time of need.

Our team will head to Oklahoma tomorrow morning, Wednesday, to join the collective relief efforts. We will stay true to our mission by focusing on providing relief for women and children in times of trauma and displacement, and will be bringing dignity kits to distribute. We are in need of funds and specific item donations, so please give what you can and share the word of this opportunity to engage with this region so tragically impacted.

We are collecting: Diapers, infant feeding formula, bras, women’s underwear, menstrual hygiene products, and flashlights/batteries. Monetary donations are greatly appreciated – they allow us to purchase supplies in Oklahoma and support local businesses as they also try to recover. Please give what you can.

Contact me, COHI’s Director of Programs, Michelle Jones, at mjones [at] immediately for more info.

We will be providing updates from Moore and the surrounding communities as soon as tomorrow when our team arrives, and your donations will reach their intended beneficiaries within a week’s time.

Thank you for your continued support and action in times of need, and we join you all in offering up prayers and gratitude that we each find the safety, health, and protection we deserve.


Michelle Jones, CPM, LM
Austin, Texas


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