An Update from Oklahoma

Deidre is a resident of Moore, OK. She lived in one of the neighborhoods that was demolished by the tornado. Luckily, she had a safe house and was not harmed (she already had the crutches before the storm!). Looking at the house, you can see that she was indeed grateful for the safe house.


Deidre was trying to recover what she could from the wreckage when we started talking with her. She had only the clothes on her back and we were able to give her some underwear. Just down the street, the South Baptist church has been turned into another distribution center.


Julie and Carolyn are some wonderful volunteers giving their time to organize the clothing and supplies coming in on an hourly basis. They were grateful to receive COHI’s donation and vowed it would make it to the women who need it.


Our team of COHI volunteers will be out in the community starting tomorrow, and will be assessing women’s health needs for the following one to two weeks. They are an amazing bunch of women who are already committed to making this assessment a useful one that will serve the women in this area. We will be working closely with them to organize the data as it comes in and then it will be shared among organizations involved in the recovery process. It will be a crucial piece of information that will guide us as we help rebuild this part of our country.

I am back in Texas now and have been spent emotionally and physically. Some rest is in order! I hope you all enjoy a lovely Memorial Day weekend. Until next week!

In gratitude,

Michelle Jones
Dallas, TX


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