Now offering: Capacity-Building Trainings


Today we launched a new page on our website dedicated to our extensive list of capacity-building trainings. Some of the services that COHI is proud to offer our partner organizations, our allies, and the communities where COHI serves, are capacity development training opportunities. Here are some of the workshops and trainings that COHI would love to bring to you and your community, please be in touch with us if you are interested in talking more specifically about bringing COHI in for a session with your organization or community!

  • Coping with exposure to vicarious and secondary trauma
  • PTSD in Childbirth for service/health care providers
  • Global Public Health for Nurses and Midwives
  • Community Organizing 101
  • Reproductive Justice 101
  • Fundraising 101
  • How to start a non-profit organization
  • Cultural Competency for Social and Healthcare workers
  • Human Traffickking 101
  • Mothering as political action
  • Women and leadership
  • Childbirth preparation (training the trainer options available)
  • Emergency Obstetric Care in Humanitarian Disasters
  • Gender-based violence training for men, social service workers, and health care providers

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