Meet John Peng, Columbia Sigma Phi Epsilon Philanthropy Chair


Meet John Peng, who organized a COHI fundraiser in NYC this spring!

“Hi! I am the community service & philanthropy chair for Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity at Columbia University. My friend, Patricia Howard, a sister of Delta Gamma Sorority, had contacted me and simply asked if I might be interested in organizing an event in support of COHI’s Amplify Austin fundraising day. I looked over the website and felt COHI to be a great organization for us to expand our connection with. Usually, we have a national philanthropic organization (YouthAids) and we try to plan several of our bigger events in support of them. But, one of my goals as philanthropy chair is to expand my chapter’s reach and COHI represented the perfect opportunity to do that. So, since we were a bit short on time, we organized one of the simplest, yet successful events that we do as a chapter – a penny drive. We went around to dorms and asked Columbia students for any spare change or loose bills that they might have and would be willing to donate. We’ve done quite a few penny drives in the past and they always give a good turnout. After we collected all the coins, we made a trip up to CoinStar and the total amount raised came to $200! All in an afternoon’s work. I think we can do better next time and I look forward to working with COHI again.”

We are so excited to see young men working to help such an important cause. Thank you, Columbia Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter for your donation to COHI and we would love to continue working together in the future!


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